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Individual configuration of roller shutters

Good lighting conditions are the ideal prerequisite for really relaxing.
We won't let you down if you have any questions about your new roller shutters, the planning of your own home or your order!

Give us a call, we will be happy to advise you!

Top-mounted boxes

€98 and up

Configure online

Stem boxes

€90 and up

Configure online

Choose your own roller shutters!

Venetian blinds and raffstores for indoors and outdoors

If you're not looking for a total darkening solution right away, but rather a solid cover for the window, you should also take a look at our Venetian blinds and raffstores. Here, too, we rely exclusively on brand manufacturers who offer custom-configurable products.

Here you have the choice between high-quality exterior and interior blinds, which can even withstand real storm winds. Venetian blinds and external blinds can be attached to windows in a variety of ways. They can be mounted as a curtain model directly on the wall or in a masonry niche. We also have suitable models for roof slopes.

Roller shutters from special dealer

Sophisticated shading solutions and roller shutters from our shop make it particularly easy to let in or block out daylight as desired. For our customers we exclusively rely on well-known and experienced brand manufacturers such as Drutex, Alik, Beck+Heun as well as Exte, Aluprof and Selt. Our configurator makes it particularly easy for customers to individually configure their desired products themselves.

Much is possible, you decide!

We have a large selection of product variants for roller shutters. Quickly installed as a top-mounted roller shutter, each of the corresponding products in our portfolio provides pleasant lighting conditions at any time of day or year. For all those who not only want a roller shutter, but want to cover as many functions as possible, we recommend our top-mounted roller shutters with built-in insect screens.

No matter which variant you choose - the full range of design options for roller shutters is always up to you. In our huge selection of different graduations, colour designs and drive types, everyone will find the roller shutter that is best suited.