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Windows for every application - Europe-wide

Windows are our speciality! We are your specialist if you are looking for exterior or interior windows, basement windows, facade connection windows or any other type of window. We only supply components from leading top brands such as Drutex, Salamander, Aluplast and Schüco.

We won't let you down if you have any questions about your new windows, the planning of your own home or your order!

Give us a call, we will be happy to advise you!

Calculate and plan your new windows - cheap and convenient!

Easily assemble your dream window

No matter for which purpose you need a high-quality window, you will find it here!

From classic roof windows to surface windows as well as unusual bay windows and dormer windows to panorama windows and numerous other window types, we have everything you need. In order to meet our high quality standards, we use plastic windows and aluminum windows as well as wooden windows for our materials.

We also offer plastic-aluminum combinations and wood-aluminum products. Each material has its specific advantages and disadvantages. With a wide range of products, we ensure that you receive the right window from us. Plastic windows, for example, offer excellent value for money, while aluminum windows offer advantages in terms of durability, design options and cleanliness.

For products of selected manufacturers we can offer you a delivery time of only 14 days, as well as Europe-wide delivery. We make our direct, close cooperation with Europe's largest window manufacturers to your advantage! 

PVC windows

€36 and up

Purchase wooden windows

Wooden windows

€94 and up

Purchase wooden windows

Aluminum windows

€98 and up

Purchase aluminum windows

Aluminum clad wood windows

€169 and up

Purchase wooden-aluminium windows

Wooden windows: traditional and natural

Wooden windows are the undisputed classic, because the traditional material has been used for centuries to manufacture windows. Windows made of many types of wood help to bring different properties into the living space in a very targeted way. Wooden windows create a very good indoor climate and our ultra-modern wooden windows in particular no longer mean any heat loss.

Our heat insulating glazing options are ideal for wood and are perfect for passive construction.

Wood is ecologically highly compatible in its production, but it requires additional maintenance, because it must be given a new coat of paint every five years at the latest.

The right window glass for the window

The window only becomes complete with the matching glass. We offer a wide range of glazing options for every application.

The choice of glass depends on parameters such as sound insulation, thermal insulation properties and more. Glazing with laminated safety glass in particular offers good protection against burglary.

If you want interesting optical effects, you can opt for ornamental glasses or even colours.

Order windows and doors online at favorable prices - always with the best and most competent advice!